Friday, February 10, 2012

Self Portrait - Day 1

and not a very good one. sleep deprived self-portrait. I am starting a photo challenge again to see if I can commit to one photo a day, I started one last month but slowly fell off.. So here we go again...

Also, I would like to mention that this is me going to work. With makeup on. Which doesn't happen very often. I'm trying to get back to it everyday, it makes me feel more put together. I have my elderly patients to thank for this. In pain, and sometimes with cognitive deficits they never forget their red lipstick, pantyhose, and to brush their hair. It's a generational thing, and though most of my days you will find me in scrubs, no makeup, and hair looking a mess, I am making a conscious effort to make myself look a little more put together. Even in scrubs! Because it makes me feel better and I forgot how fun it is to play with makeup!

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