Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Skin I Live In

We've been on some kind of movie kick here! I haven't even fallen asleep half way, what?!, what?!

I would like to catch up on Almodovars' films, starting from the 1980's.  This is his current one, which in true Almodovar form, the ending does not disappoint!

The Descendants

What I text my friend immediately after watching this movie: "Sad. so sad. Like bring back sad feelings sad. Sniffle to ugly crying type of sad, but that's what makes a movie good, no?"

I really enjoyed this movie, it had funny moments and the 10 yr old girl for some reason reminded me of my Chicken, or how she may be at that age. I really love when a movie can stir up emotions you thought you were done with.

Monday, March 19, 2012

DVF & Gap

Doesn't it totally suck that the Gap Diane von Furstenberg line is for kids?! Ok, Ok, my Chicken may be recieving a dress and swimwear soon, if I decide that's it okay to spend a pretty penny on clothes she will grow out of by the end of summer. May just have to go with the affordable and awesome Harajuku Mini for Target, which she clearly loves as she stuffed her foot in a half size to small pair of shoes, then passionately cried when I told her they were too small for her.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

4.2011 : Yo Gabba Gabba

4.2011 : Yo Gabba Gabba, a set on Flickr.
I can't believe it's almost time for Chickens Birthday! Seems like we just celebrated her fourth...

Also, why does one need so many pics of a person opening their gifts?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dreamy Self Portrait

Last night, lovely visual overload! Thank you STOPPIN, as always you inspire!

"The Downtown District and Spacetaker presented a pop-up window installation by Houston artist Stephanie Toppin at Char Bar alongside Market Square Park in Downtown Houston.

In her soft sculpture installation entitled “Self Portrait,” Toppin uses a variety of fabrics to create a landscape of panels that explode with color, texture, patterns, and layers to form a three dimensional interpretation of her current abstract self-portrait painting. “Self Portrait” will hang in the front window of Char Bar for viewers to enjoy through summer."

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Monday, March 12, 2012


91 yr old patient washing/drying his own clothes.  Also mows his own lawn!  Takes him all day but he gets it done!

Vintage Dr Pepper bottle

Found in patients shed :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chicken Dance.

Just thought I would share her playlist :)  

Beyonce - Single Ladies
Ximena Sarinara - Different
Marron 5 - Moves like Jagger
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Lady Gaga - Just Dance
Best Coast - Boyfriend
Natalia Lafourcade - Cursis Melodias
Gotye, Kimbrea - Someone that I used to know
Lady Gaga - Marry the night
Beatles - Yellow submarine
Sound of Music Soundtrack- Do, Re, Mi
Sound of Music Soundtrack - My Favorite Things
Depeche Mode - Just can't get enough
They Might be Giants - Why Does the sun Shine?
Edward Sharpe - Home
Datarock - Smile for the camera

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The taco truck at Avant Garden, and after school parking lot picnics...

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Hang time..

Friday, a couple girlfriends and I gathered to have a craft night at my house which quickly turned into "lets go have a drink night." No crafting completed or even started but we did a lot of laughing which involved beer and fighting robot rings. It was a fun night, and it had been way too long for some girl time!

The weather was gorgeous this weekend!!!! Saturday and Sunday we hung out with the kiddos,went to the park and the Museum of Natural Science. We visited the butterfly exhibit and Chicken even got up close and personal with Charro the iguana! Piggy was a little under the weather. Teething sucks, I'm not sure how but it can bring on fever, diarrhea, runny nose and a very fussy little boy. We did sneak in some good moments there, and the rest of the time was spent cuddling him and letting him rest and take long naps..

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Found Photos from January!

Just realized the rest of the photos from my Dad's surprise party never posted... Here they go!

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