Monday, June 28, 2010

27 weeks, 91 days to go!

My baby chicken is now as big as a head of cauliflower! Isn't this amazing, seeing as I look and feel as if there is something much bigger in there!

For comparison, here I am at 6 months pregnant with Kahlo(2nd pregnancy):

and 6 months pregnant with Luna (1st pregnancy) :

We are all so excited to meet our baby chicken, I will post photos of the baby room in progress soon!


This weekend my sister and I visited our friend in Austin. I love going there for the feeling of being outdoors, the healthy food and the great little shops... While there, we had the yummiest smoothie I've had in a while at I had the Maya Papaya, it has papaya, banana, fresh pineapple, lime, raw agave nectar, and Himalyan salt. It was so refreshing, especially after spending an afternoon at Deep Eddy Pool, , where I was able to relax, take in some soon and cool off in the pool.

Another favorite is Mothers Cafe & Garden, , where I had Huevos Motulenos, Two eggs or crumbled non-GMO tofu over corn chalupa shells layered with black beans, ranchero sauce and jack cheese. Topped with sautéed seasoned non-GMO tofu, and green peas $7.95

Oh and I can't forget Red House Pizza, , where for some reason we decided to share two, 16' pizzas between the three of us, along with some calamari...

I wish I had photos to share but unfortunately I didn't snap any of our delicious food. My little weekend getway is just what I needed before heading in to my 3rd trimester! I have a great husband for being totally cool with hanging out with our little chicken while I was away. He even had the baby chickens crib assembled when I arrived home, both beds made and grilled steak I had been craving <3 perfection!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

$4 can of spray paint..

Last Saturday I was home bored and was dying to do someting to the house, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I needed to go to Home Depot to purchase pink spray paint for an item in my daughters room. While I was there I also purchased gold spray paint.

Back at home, my sister and I searched the house for something to spray paint gold, and found my husbands beloved rooster that has moved with us 3 times..


I loved it and so did he, can't wait to find more objects to spray paint gold!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A must have for my neck!

I am absolutely in love with this necklace!! I really like big chunky jewelry and this necklace makes such a bold statement, I can already see it paired with a simple white tshirt or dressed up with a sassy dress..

If anyone would like to buy me a "congrats on the baby" present, THIS would be it!!!! My birthday is also coming up in October : )

See more beautiful pieces at:

4 month update via photos




MORE 30TH CELEBRATION ( 4months pregnant)

Good times with more good times in between!!! We have had busy times as of late, and now I am ready for September and am going in full nesting mode, getting the babys room ready and organizing like crazy around the house!!!