Thursday, June 30, 2011

Texas heat is a B...

On a hot and sticky Texas afternoon, Hec and I decided to remove all the weeds and manicure our flower bed a bit. We were pretty excited to be getting our hands dirty and do a little gardening.. We drove to Buchanans in the Heights, purchased soil, mulch and some new shrubs (bushes? what are they called?) and some flowers.... We were satisfied with our end product and even decided to go back to buy more the next day. It was getting dark outside so I decided to take some AFTER pics of the flower bed in the morning..

AFTER: This is basically what we woke up to. Super upset.

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In an effort to make more things, and "get crafty" -( cue the Run DMC - at least in my head) I personalized this forward facing bookshlef for my cousins little girl. My cousin mentioned a while ago that she liked it, once Chicken's book collection got a little out of control, I bought her a new one, and told my cousin she could have this one. Well, months went by and I kept forgetting to give it to her and vice versa. So, for her first birthday I added the "READ".... and I must say that I really, really like it!! I tucked at Dr. Seuss book in, it was a "party version" so i guess that is why it is blinged out in gold! LOVE!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011