Monday, April 30, 2012

Fifth Birthday Party - Muppet Style...

What a fun day!!! I think parties at the park are perfection!!! No messy house, kids have fun, parents can chill..

If you are wondering who made the awesome cake, it wasn't me :) My friend over at CREATIVE BAKES hooked it up last minute, when I decided I really shouldn't try and take it on...

The pinatas were made by THE LITTLE PINATA SHOP in the heights, the tiny shop is filled with pinatas in making and the ladies are very sweet.

My parents helped in making over 80 fruit kabobs, they were so refreshing! and we ordered Chick-fil-a Saturday night, they came with reheating instructions for the next day.. HELLO!  Chic-fil-a on a Sunday!?? YES PLEASE!


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Chicago. Tres y Cuatro

Wrigley Field, day drinking with baseball fans, Chicago Zoo in Lincoln Park



Bye Chicago, it was bittersweet, we can't wait to come back, when it's warmer!!! Thank you Sarah & Mason, we had a great time!!
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