Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chicken paint to Gallery wall...

I love gallery walls, and my goal is to have this wall filled top to bottom. It started out like this, but then we had our floors redone, and the bookshelf came off the wall, and the white table went to the entry. Now, to fill in the wall... I'm thinking of maybe just taping large piece of paper to the bottom and having the kids draw on it, or framing out a whiteboard for the kiddos to scribble on. Another thought is to have a little table there for the kids to color, craft or eat on from time to time.. along with more bookshelves because we seriously have books everywhere in this house! 

I also have a lot family photos I need to print out and frame, and hopefully they will find a spot here as well. It's still in progress and I didn't realize how hard it was to slap some frames on the wall. If you were to remove the frames you will reveal a lot of holes! Oh my poor white walls :/

This weekend I DIY'd a little piece of my daughters art work, if you remember from HERE . I found these canvas' on sale at Michaels for $4.00 for 2!!!!

1. Print out / enlarge art work
2. Paint the edges in a color of choice
3. Spray adhesive the art work to canvas
4. Modge Podge to seal ( still haven't gotten around to that!)

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  1. I LOVE the little reading nook!!! where did you get those little bookcases??

  2. Thanks! Now that I go back and see the before photo I really liked it again, I think I may put them back up. They are IKEA spice racks, super cheap... and there are tons of IKEA hacks for them online :)