Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come along with me, to my little corner of the world

A little shot of a corner of my chickens room.
This morning on the way to school she said " I want long feet like you and daddy."
That is all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

13 hour naps...

This little piggy can sleep! It seems like his first day back to daycare every week really wears him out. He has been happily asleep since 6:00 pm today, it is now about 11:30 pm and no signs of him waking up. He has also had a runny nose and coughing a bit so maybe he is making up from not napping this afternoon. With our first born, I would have surely been freaking out about her sleeping this long, but I've learned that sometimes babies just need plain ole' sleep :)

This is ONE of my favorite photos of him - it was taken in February, he was almost 5 months old, back when I trusted him to sleep on the couch without flipping off it!

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"I can't wait"

That is what my little Chicken kept saying while getting dressed for her first day of Pre-K!
Here she is still looking a little sleepy but nonetheless, excited!

I absolutely love her smile here! No tears from her, maybe a little from me...

I looked at the clock all day, and wondered how she was doing at school, when finally the time came to pick her up, I tried to drive the speed limit but was so excited to hear about her first day!
Me: "How was your first day of school?" She replied: " a boy ate play dough and his stomach got sick."

She had a great day, we finished the day off with pizza and cuddling. We still can't believe our little baby is starting school.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chicken...pot pie.

chicken : " You're not suppose to put pencils in your eye, you're eye is going to fall out" - as she studies me putting on eyeliner.

I love her little lines.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sad but Happy Days

My little Piggy- 10 months - so close to ONE

clapping, standing

babbling mamama and tatata

dancey pants

eating ALL kinds of food

adjusted to daycare well!

can sleep 13 hours straight!
Luna's last day of daycare. I think putting her in daycare at age 2 was such a great decision. She learned so much. Then in Pre-K 3 we saw her develop and learn even more, writing her name, and all the letters in the alphabet, more of a vocabulary, tying her shoes, dressing herself, she conquered swimmng and improved so much this summer, improving fine and gross motor skills in general, she even had some 'best friends' in school and became more empathetic of others feelings. I think my husband and I are both a little sad to see her growing so rapidly, but also extremely excited to continue to see her expand and master so many more skills. Her first day of Pre -K is on Monday, we have had such an amazing Summer with these two.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog, Blog, blog... Why???

Recently I had a conversation with a friend on why she blogs. She neatly bulleted 3 main goals/purpose of her blog. Some people blog to promote their business, or to create an online portfolio of their art or other work, some are full time bloggers being paid via advertisements on their blogs. I hear this type of blogging takes up a lot of time, 3 - 5 hours a post! WHOA!!!! I think these are all great reasons to do so, just not mine :)

Why I blog:

* The purpose of my blog is not to make income off of it, not to promote a business, and not to get a crazy amount of "hits" a day.

* My goal is just to document everyday happenings of our little family. To document my kiddos' milestones(like a babybook), to post photos of whatever I fancy, and to see progress in my sewing and photography skills. I try to post at least ONCE a week, sometimes more, it just depends on if I have time in between my two kids, full time job, helping my husband out with his business, and enjoying life!

So in reality, this post is written to myself, to remind myself why I do it.

**** On a sidenote, a friend commented on what I would do if for some reason one day this website no longer exsisted... um I am hoping that doesn't happen, I have no backup plan. Maybe I will start printing out our photos and making albums. I STARTED this about a year ago, but never finished...****

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 yrs old:::Improving fine motor skills

My little artist, how I love her. She received this "drawing board" for her 2nd birthday and it has been her favorite since then. She uses it to draw, and practice her letters, numbers and spelling her name. It is the best to keep her distracted in the car or at a restaurant. Here are a few of her doodles, I need to start taking snapshots of all of them, so we can look back at them...

Table drawing at a restaurant while waiting for her dinner... Don't you just love when tables have butcher paper to draw on!

Over the weekend she was part of The Super Awesome Art Show, benefiting Harper Frank and the Superhero Kids Foundation. I loved this concept, all the art pieces were by artist up to age 13, alongside some of the best local artists as well. There are some really talented kiddos in Houston, and I can't believe I walked out without purchasing a piece :( I am stoked we were able to be a part of this, excited that someone purchased her piece, and can't wait to participate in something similar again. I think it's a good way to teach kids how to give to their community.

This is what she made, she said it was Octopus and Hearts.