Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 yrs old:::Improving fine motor skills

My little artist, how I love her. She received this "drawing board" for her 2nd birthday and it has been her favorite since then. She uses it to draw, and practice her letters, numbers and spelling her name. It is the best to keep her distracted in the car or at a restaurant. Here are a few of her doodles, I need to start taking snapshots of all of them, so we can look back at them...

Table drawing at a restaurant while waiting for her dinner... Don't you just love when tables have butcher paper to draw on!

Over the weekend she was part of The Super Awesome Art Show, benefiting Harper Frank and the Superhero Kids Foundation. I loved this concept, all the art pieces were by artist up to age 13, alongside some of the best local artists as well. There are some really talented kiddos in Houston, and I can't believe I walked out without purchasing a piece :( I am stoked we were able to be a part of this, excited that someone purchased her piece, and can't wait to participate in something similar again. I think it's a good way to teach kids how to give to their community.

This is what she made, she said it was Octopus and Hearts.

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