Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sad but Happy Days

My little Piggy- 10 months - so close to ONE

clapping, standing

babbling mamama and tatata

dancey pants

eating ALL kinds of food

adjusted to daycare well!

can sleep 13 hours straight!
Luna's last day of daycare. I think putting her in daycare at age 2 was such a great decision. She learned so much. Then in Pre-K 3 we saw her develop and learn even more, writing her name, and all the letters in the alphabet, more of a vocabulary, tying her shoes, dressing herself, she conquered swimmng and improved so much this summer, improving fine and gross motor skills in general, she even had some 'best friends' in school and became more empathetic of others feelings. I think my husband and I are both a little sad to see her growing so rapidly, but also extremely excited to continue to see her expand and master so many more skills. Her first day of Pre -K is on Monday, we have had such an amazing Summer with these two.

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