Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"I can't wait"

That is what my little Chicken kept saying while getting dressed for her first day of Pre-K!
Here she is still looking a little sleepy but nonetheless, excited!

I absolutely love her smile here! No tears from her, maybe a little from me...

I looked at the clock all day, and wondered how she was doing at school, when finally the time came to pick her up, I tried to drive the speed limit but was so excited to hear about her first day!
Me: "How was your first day of school?" She replied: " a boy ate play dough and his stomach got sick."

She had a great day, we finished the day off with pizza and cuddling. We still can't believe our little baby is starting school.

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  1. brave lil' girl! I remember I cry so much my first day of school lol