Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog, Blog, blog... Why???

Recently I had a conversation with a friend on why she blogs. She neatly bulleted 3 main goals/purpose of her blog. Some people blog to promote their business, or to create an online portfolio of their art or other work, some are full time bloggers being paid via advertisements on their blogs. I hear this type of blogging takes up a lot of time, 3 - 5 hours a post! WHOA!!!! I think these are all great reasons to do so, just not mine :)

Why I blog:

* The purpose of my blog is not to make income off of it, not to promote a business, and not to get a crazy amount of "hits" a day.

* My goal is just to document everyday happenings of our little family. To document my kiddos' milestones(like a babybook), to post photos of whatever I fancy, and to see progress in my sewing and photography skills. I try to post at least ONCE a week, sometimes more, it just depends on if I have time in between my two kids, full time job, helping my husband out with his business, and enjoying life!

So in reality, this post is written to myself, to remind myself why I do it.

**** On a sidenote, a friend commented on what I would do if for some reason one day this website no longer exsisted... um I am hoping that doesn't happen, I have no backup plan. Maybe I will start printing out our photos and making albums. I STARTED this about a year ago, but never finished...****

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