Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower Gift

My cousin is expecting her first little boy, how exciting!!! For her baby shower, I decided to make her a little gift. When I had my first baby, I always forgot to pack bibs in the diaper bag and even now, with our 10 month old baby boy, I continue to do the same. I don't know why I always forget, but I do. I decided I would make her a little bag that she could stuff with multiple bibs and then throw it in the diaper bag. This way, she would always have more than one with her. I also made her a little striped bib, aaahh stripes one of the coolest perks of having a baby boy!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Family Day

Yesterday, was such a relaxing day with Papahead, chicken and the piggie. I was pretty excited to find out there was a Famers Market on Sunday. We headed out in search of some fresh foods, unfortunately we arrived to late and they were out of a lot of produce, but we were able to bring home squash, eggplant and organic beef for dinner. After that we came home and all took a long nap. We headed out to a cute public pool, and then to Caninos Market for fresh vegetables and fruit for the week. Both kiddos were exhausted after dinner, and went to bed at a decent time, we were able to hang out and catch up on some mindless TV time.

Basil to make the kitchen smell good!

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San Francisco - Day 3 - Full House!

After walking for what seemed like a full day at Renegade, we walked some more! This time we went to the park Alamo Square. Where you say? The park featured in the opening song to Full House. How rude.. that you don't know that! yeah, we are dorks... We stopped by home first to pick up wine bottles we purchased on our Napa tour and after a short bus ride, we hung out, had wine, and enjoyed the company of some lovely pups.

This is the apartment where my sister is staying. I love it! And I really liked the light fixture so I snapped a couple pics of it. We fully intended on going out for drinks that night, but ended up ordering chinese and drinking more wine. The next morning, I took a cab to the airport, flew into Dallas, and made the drive home to Houston.

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San Francisco - Day 3 - Renegade!

On Sunday, we pulled ourselves out of bed and made our way to Renegade San Francisco. A craft fair with all kinds of handmade goodies. We metup with one of my sisters friends, ate breakfast and then walked to Fort Mason. On the way there we spotted a lonely heel, looks like someone had a good time the night before! My eyes were soaking up all the handmade goods, and I was too busy shopping to snap any more photos.

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San Francisco - 2nd night

Yeah, thanks to our red bulls, we managed to shower, get dressed and head out for drinks! Not sure why there is only one pic, but we had so much fun! I CAN NOT wait for jacket weather in Houston!!!!!

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Day 2 - Napa Valley continued....

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