Monday, July 18, 2011

San Francisco - Day 3 - Full House!

After walking for what seemed like a full day at Renegade, we walked some more! This time we went to the park Alamo Square. Where you say? The park featured in the opening song to Full House. How rude.. that you don't know that! yeah, we are dorks... We stopped by home first to pick up wine bottles we purchased on our Napa tour and after a short bus ride, we hung out, had wine, and enjoyed the company of some lovely pups.

This is the apartment where my sister is staying. I love it! And I really liked the light fixture so I snapped a couple pics of it. We fully intended on going out for drinks that night, but ended up ordering chinese and drinking more wine. The next morning, I took a cab to the airport, flew into Dallas, and made the drive home to Houston.

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