Monday, February 20, 2012

Last week we.....

Teething hurts!

Saturday morning cartoons:

Chicken got in trouble in school, so we took a away TV rights and her beloved dolls,stuffed animals, babies and blankets. I think she had a lot more fun doing more of what she loves: dancing, painting, singing, and listening to music. The earlier bedtime (7 pm vs. 8 pm) has also been working out better for her, as she has finally been sleeping through the night consistently in her bed!

This is also why I've been missing all week, I'm exhausted from keepin her busy with activities! We will be keeping the early bedtime, and limiting TV to an hour after school, instead of letting her watch it right before bedtime. I think it has really helped her sleep more soundly.


Valentine's Day card making!!!

Kid handwriting is the cutest:

She handwrote all 22 cards for her classmates!

Valentine's Tattoos with H:
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