Monday, February 13, 2012


H proposed back in 2007.  I was months away from having our first baby. I was a hungry, pregnant mess. H and my family told me we were all going out to eat. They came over so that we could all go to dinner together, but H was taking forever. You should NEVER keep a pregnant woman waiting on food! I was getting annoyed, and hunger was setting in fast. I put in my "Where are you?! I'm hungry!!!" call, and he showed up with flowers and a gift. I just assumed they were flowers for the house and an early Valentines day gift. But then he nervously and sweetly proposed!!!! and I was totally surprised!!! 

Years later, the boy still drives me crazy, we love, laugh, argue like old folks, I like to think I bring out the silly in him and he is my perfect fit.

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