Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet words from my 4 yr old..

This morning was a little rough, some days we have happy, smooth, lovely mornings.... other mornings well lets just say other mornings can evoke sweet words from my 4 yr old daughter.

Me:  "Please pick up all your clothes. Right. Now"
Chicken:  " Fine."  as she walks away stomping her feet.
Me:  "Great, now lets hurry and get in the car"
--Once all packed in the car, and in her car seat, a little moment of silence and then:
Chicken:  " I want a cute Mommy not a mean one"
Me:  "Ok fine, when you get home from school there will be a different Mommy here for you, and you won't have to see me anymore"
Chicken:  "Ok, and when I'm ready for you to come back I'll just call you on your phone."
Me:   "Nope once I'm gone, I'm gone."
Chicken:  "fine."


Chicken:  "wwwwwaaaaaaaaaah, no mommy, no, I don't want you to go, wwaaaahhhhh"

Okay so maybe this may not have been a great strategy but really how can a 4 yr old just say these things??!!

AAAAAHHHH!!  I can't wait until her pre-teen, teen, and young adult years.... no really, it is going to be so freaking fun :/

Don't worry I ended the car ride with a full on after school special conversation, about how to respect one another, how not to say mean things to people you love, how to listen to your parents when they are talking to you, and wrapped it up with a big ole hug and kiss, and an "I love you."

And off she went happily to school, I even got a second hug and a "Bye Mom" with a sweet smile and wave half way down her hallway.

This little lady is going to be a handfull, but I love her spunk !

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