Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Galveston for 30th...

We spent the weekend in a amazing 1800's Victorian home. I will have to go back one day and snap pics of the house it was so lovely. We were there celebrating Dulces' 30th birthday. Friday night we hung out at the house, made lychee drinks and then headed to the strand, where we  made at a stop at a drag show and a couple other bars and somehow managed to yoga flash mob one of the bars we were dancing at. A yoga flash mob of 2 people, oh the fun! Thankfully there are no pictures of said activity!

I'm not sure why but I have 30 photos of these chips, apparently we were very excited about chips, cheese and cookies!

Porch time!

Hanging out on the upstairs balcony!

"I just want to dance!"

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