Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspiring Sunday morning..

On Sunday morning, a friend and I woke up early to go cheer on our dear friends that ran the Houston half marathon. It was so motivating seeing all the different types of people, all ages, running towards the finish line. There were kids that looked like they were between 10 -13 yrs old running along side their parents, couples holding hands towards the end,a spinal cord injury patient walking it with help from loved ones. It truly was an inspiring morning, and I was so, so proud of my friend as she trained her butt off and made it to the end with better time than she expected!






I saw loads of clothes (hoodies, sweaters, long sleeves)  thrown over the rails, and was told that since it is cold in the morning and by run time it gets warmer the runners just leave the clothes hanging around.  I think the clothes is collected at clean up time and donated to the homeless, that is such a neat idea!


Joel & Rita ran for CanCare, an organization which certainly touched my heart when I heard of it, as the ugly disease has hit to close to home on too many occasions.
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