Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dena's Dirty Thirty

Labor day weekend was filled with friends and fun! Fri in Austin for my dear friend Dena's 30th birthday party which involved beer, Beyonce, 90's music, champagne, food, karaoke, dancing on a handmade stage, and plenty of good times.

Saturday - girls night in, because I have the best friends, and they bring me food and beer while I stay at home with the kiddos, while the hubby works at night. Thankfully both kiddos were bathed and asleep by the time they all arrived :)

Sunday - cooked breakfast for my parents and sister and then attended an event my husband put together , a latin music series, an unexpected night full of sweaty dancing and pizza and cracker eating with my sis and our friends !

Monday - my sister and I sewed all morning for a little project we are working on, then my husband had a bunch of his awesome friends over and all of us hung out outside in the cooler weather, while our kids ran around the house. I've decided that someday I want to have my kitchen made bigger, why we al lhung out in my tiny kitchen baffles me. It's the warmest room in the house and not an adequate amount of seating, but I guess I love the cozyness of it.

Great weekend. Great friends that I can call family. Too much fun because I only took pics on Friday. <3
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