Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Be aggresive, be, be agressive

Monday morning came to quick for me, and I was dreading going in to work. However, that quickly changed when my morning with patients turned out so positive! It's as if the therapy I gave was also for myself.. This got me thinking when I'm feeling down or do not feel like going to work, I have to remember I chose this career and patients count on me. I admit most patients hate to see me at first. Who would want to participate in physical therapy after major surgery or being in pain, or having no energy at all. That is where I come in, this morning I helped :

A patient that last week could barely sit on the edge of her bed,and was very scared of falling, I helped her stand, get out of bed, take a few steps and sit in a chair. Her family was very grateful and so was my patient.

I helped a man in ICU sit at the edge of the bed, do exercises and taught him how to move in bed.

Experiences like these remind me of why I love physical therapy, and remind me of great patients I've had in the past. Although small steps like the ones I listed above may seem small, they make a huge difference. Have you ever tried laying in bed for 2 days straight without the ability to move and reposition yourself? Now think about laying in an ICU bed for weeks and then attempting to get out of bed and walk? How about not having enough endurance to even feed yourself, walk to the restroom, brush your hair, put on your shoes. What about a broken hip that won't allow you to do the hobbies you love? I could go on and on!!!!!

I have to remind myself that I have taught patients how to stand, take a step, walk, scoot up in bed, I have taught babies and toddlers how to roll, stand, walk, kick a ball, catch and throw a ball.

Because sometimes you have to remind yourself of great accomplishments and why not, everyone deserves to pat themselves on the back!

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  1. i like this post. you never talk about what you do. I really have a new respect for physical therapy and how important it is. It's your freaking health!