Friday, January 1, 2010

Luna Isabella, 4 months until 3!

potty trained (night and day)
alternates feet going up/down stairs
has a "cool walk", and says "walk cool, walk cool" while doing it
jumps on one leg
can dress herself with minimal assistance
knows ABC's (song) and can recognize some letters
can name body parts in spanish and english
says sentences that make sense
laughs out loud to funny cartoons
picks out her own shoes
knows her name
knows mommy and daddy name
danced in the aisles of the theatre with daddy, to the closing credits of The Princess and The Frog
recognizes route to several places we visit frequently
asks for tio richard when we go to brazil cafe
plays make believe
sleeps in her own big girl bed
knows I and YOU
knows YOURS and MINE
loves instruments
asks for "musica" to go to sleep
loves being girly
says ILOVEYOU all the time!!!!
knows who TUKI and TOTO are (tias dogs)
brushes her teeth with help
can open and close most doors
loooves stacking blocks
sleeps with her books
gets excited when she hears Beyonce on the radio ( Tia Denas song )
knows basic colors in english and spanish
feeds self
loves girly dresses
is loud and funny
high energy ALL THE TIME
knows a song from the movie, SOUND OF MUSIC
knows several kids song by heart (english and spanish)
is 3'2 and weights 30 lbs
has not had any ear infections or major illnesses
loves to color and is starting to emerge a more mature grasp
jumps down steps with both feet
loves monsters and dinosaurs
is obsessed with milk
had her first haircut in december 09
does not have all her baby teeth in
can live at the park!
aaaahhh so much more! she amazes me every day <3 and we our lucky to be her parents!

Luna Isabella, 4 months from 3!

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  1. So awesome! I can't believe she is going to be three this year!! Love her!