Friday, January 1, 2010

Eve of twentyten

I looove NYE!! This year we took a different route and spent NYE at home with our daughter,friends and their baby. I was hoping that Luna would stay up to countdown with us, but she fell asleep at her usual bedtime, which I will not complain about! We spent the evening with our friends, played some board games, had some delicious margaritas, even lit some fireworks ( hector was very excited about this) Luna suprised me when she woke up right before midnight, and we were able to bring in the new year together :) Though, i do not think she was too happy with waking up to flashing cameras.... see pic below :P

It was a refreshing change from our usual night of crazyness! I must admit I missed my friends and sister, as I have spent so many NYE with them.... but in the end I had a great night! I enjoyed hanging with Mayra and her husband, and look forward to more gatherings with them! MANCALA!!!!!!

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