Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Hobby

My Father is a tailor, and my sister has always shown an interest in it, I however never did. I leaned more towards photography, as the process of developing brought on a sense of patience in me, that I do not possess naturally.

Earlier this year, a friend and I took a class at Sew Crafty. I couldn't resist going, the way the place is decorated is just too cute to pass up!! I found that sewing also had the same effect as photography. In this current world of instant gratification, I find that indulging in the process of "making" is very satisfying. Check out cool sewing classes at:

These next projects were not a creation of my own, when I find the links for the tutorial on the dress, and piggy purse pattern , I will post = )

Piggy coin purse, patterned enlarged, and we added straps...

T-shirt dress, made from hubby's old Frida shirt and black t-shirt, Luna loves it!!


  1. These are great! I didn't know that you were sewing too! WE need to all start an etsy shop soon. Please please send me that tutorial for the purse, so adorable.

  2. I jumped on the bandwagon!!!! haha and seem to like it : )