Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hair, a love story, 2004 - present

I use to have long wavy hair, until I met my husband, a hair stylist. You know that itch you get to cut your hair, well when I get that impulse my hair stylist is always quick to snip!!! I love it!!! I've had my fun though and am ready to truly let it grow out, I've instructed my husband to not let me give in, and to help my hair get through the ugly grow out phase!!!! eek!! There was so many more in between, but unfortunately my old laptop crashed along with old photos...

**This is the current state of my hair** ** The most effortless haircut ever**


  1. aaaaaaaaaw, this is so cute.. that last picture is epic! :) ...

  2. hehe thanks, im really missing that long hair!!! no more cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!