Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beautiful weather = cleaning day

Friday I got off work early, this started my Friday afternoon perfectly. Hector and I, snuck (is this spelled correctly ?) away to a senior citizen showing of Where the Wild things are. Senior citizen, because this is how I referred to movies showing anytime before 9 pm when I was a teenager. I quite enjoy this showing now. I have been waiting for this movie, for what seemed like forever!! I absolutely loved it, I had a huge grin on my face throughout most of the movie. If I had my camera with me at the movie theatre I would have taken a picture of myself and my big kid-like smile.

We left the movie, and outside waiting for us was truly beautiful weather. And what else would YOU do in beautiful weather? We cleaned! Followed by relaxation.

I swear Luna likes to clean, I did not put her up to this : )
Man, looking at clean car. Accomplished feeling.

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