Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday evening...

When Piggy was born, I started off taking a monthly photo of him, and eventually made a book, that somehow was deleted off of Blurb. Major bummer. So, since he has been more mobile and we have just been plain busy around here, I may have forgotten to snap monthly photos, which I wanted to keep up with.

BUT! Better late than never! Here is a new one: Sister:::Brother.

Oh and that nasty white box on the chalkboard wall, it's been needing to either be painted in chalk paint or replaced with a black lightboard switchee thing. .. It's on my list for 'PROJECT GET THAT SHIT DONE', which was suppose to be one week,but has spilled over into next week...


Chicken is trying to draw the perfect picture for Ita, for Mother's Day.
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